Monthly Garden Guide

1. Continue to plant melons.

2. Plant tropical and subtropical plants.

3. Plant bougainvilleas.

4. Plant perennial morning glories.

5. Purchase fuchsias.

6. Continue to purchase epiphyllums.

7. Plant seeds of heat-loving annuals.

8. Use bedding plants for quick color.

9. Continue to plant summer vegetables.

10. Plant zoysia grass.

11. Plant exotic vegetables.

12. Purchase, plant and transplant succulents–including cacti and euphorbias.

13. Purchase alstroemerias throughout summer while they are in bloom.

14. Plant papayas and bananas.

15. Plant and transplant palms.

16. Continue to pick and deadhead roses.

17. Pinch back chrysanthemums to make them bushy.

18. Divide and repot cymbidiums that have outgrown their containers.

19. Remove berries (seed pods) from fuchsias after flowers fall.

20. Prune epiphyllums.

21. Thin out deciduous fruit trees after June drop.

22. Give marguerites a “butch” haircut.

23. Cut back gamolepis and euryops.

24. Deadhead and pick summer flowers to keep them going.

25. Mow cool-season lawns longer.

26. Mow warm-season grasses shorter.

27. Clip runners off strawberries.

28. Prune climbing roses that bloom once a year in spring, but wait until flowers fade.

29. Divide English primroses after bloom or wait until September.

30. Continue to prune and train espaliers.

31. Continue to remove spent bloom stems from daylilies and to propagate the types that make proliferates.

32. Deadhead alstroemerias often by pulling off the stalks with a sharp tug.

33. Look for yellow leaves and green veins indicating chlorosis in citrus, gardenias, azaleas, and others; treat it with chelated iron.

34. Feed citrus and avocado trees.

35. Feed bamboo with a slow-release fertilizer.

36. Feed water lilies.

37. Fertilize cymbidiums with high nitrogen for growth.

38. Give camellias their second feeding for the year.

39. Feed container-grown annuals and perennials with a complete fertilizer.

40. Side-dress vegetable rows if you didn’t do it last month.

41. Give strawberries a shot of 0-10-10 to prolong the harvest.

42. If peppers look yellow despite adequate nitrogen, spray them with Epsom salts.