Monthly Garden Guide


  1. Spring is here and it’s time to give your tired winter lawn the shot in the arm it needs. Now also the best time to get a jump on preventing crabgrass and other lawn weeds. Do both at once by applying a lawn food with a pre-emergent weed preventer. You will get the best weed control if you apply this before your forsythia blooms drop off. 
  2. Before applying your complete fertilizer, be sure to read the instructions for your lawn type. Apply fertilizer when the ground is damp and grass blades dry, and follow up by watering deeply. Otherwise, you risk burning your lawn. 
  3. It’s also the perfect time to apply lime to your lawn in order to raise the soil pH. You’ll experience the best results if the application follows aerating and thatching, which will allow the lime to penetrate deeper into the soil. By raising the pH of your soil, lime makes lawn fertilizer and existing nutrients more available to the grass plants in your landscape. 
  4. It’s still too early to go back to a regular watering schedule. We recommend watering now only during periods of extended dry weather. Make sure to check that your mower blades are sharp–and keep the blade setting low so that your grass blades dry off faster after wet weather.